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Twelve Days of Weenmas: A Jacket and a Harness, in One

The one thing that absolutely drives a wiener dog parent nuts is how our dogs hate rain, slush or basically any form of the prolonged out doors. Our weens would much rather be in a cozy blanket snuggled all day long, but little do they know this is NOT what is is best for them. Welcome to Vancouver, it's called Rain City for a reason.

As a Doxie parent we are always looking for opportunities to shortcut when getting ready to brave the outdoors to avoid the drama. The Norbi Jacket & Harness in Medium size is: long enough to keep our weenies covered, comfortable, easy to put on affordable and durable.

At Hello Doxie Rescue we only stand behind products that have been tried and tested by Billie, Eevee, Mia or Patch or their friends. Hello Doxies' friend, Sprout, is 11lbs and wears a size Medium. Corgi pic is a bonus :)

If you use this link, all proceeds go towards Hello Doxie Rescue, who's mission is saving long dogs, worldwide, and matching them to their Furever homes.