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Twelve Days of Weenmas: How Doxie is Your Doxie?

Thank you so much to everyone who has purchased one of our candles, as of this post I think we have about 10 left so get yours while you can. I know we've been pumping a ton of information out to you all - we hope this helps you in deciding what to get for those dog lovers on your list, or yourself :P.   SO we have a special ONE DAY code for you on one of Billie's personal favorite things, her DNA Test! Maybe Eevee's mom might consider getting one now that we have a nice code for you. 10% of your purchase (if you use the link below) goes back to Hello Doxie! Use this link! CODE: DOGGONE Billie...

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Twelve Days of Weenmas: A Winter Weenieland

After our fall "Vanilla Bean Ween" candle sold out, we've been getting tons of inquiries as to whether we were doing a winter candle. Well, VOILA, here it is, our Winter Weenieland Candle. This is a special, limited edition candle with a Balsam & Fir scent. Who DOESN'T love the smell of a crisp, fir candle burning this time of year. For us - this is a must. Bundled up in a cute weenie themed package is simply, a plus. Our friend Liv Homewares, shares our live of weenies and also has a generous heart. She hand pours these for the love of weens and she sends us a portion of the profits from each sale. Her home décor is also VERY cool and locally...

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Twelve Days of Weenmas: A Jacket and a Harness, in One

The one thing that absolutely drives a wiener dog parent nuts is how our dogs hate rain, slush or basically any form of the prolonged out doors. Our weens would much rather be in a cozy blanket snuggled all day long, but little do they know this is NOT what is is best for them. Welcome to Vancouver, it's called Rain City for a reason. As a Doxie parent we are always looking for opportunities to shortcut when getting ready to brave the outdoors to avoid the drama. The Norbi Jacket & Harness in Medium size is: long enough to keep our weenies covered, comfortable, easy to put on affordable and durable. At Hello Doxie Rescue we only stand behind products that have...

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