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Twelve Days of Weenmas: How Doxie is Your Doxie?

Thank you so much to everyone who has purchased one of our candles, as of this post I think we have about 10 left so get yours while you can.

I know we've been pumping a ton of information out to you all - we hope this helps you in deciding what to get for those dog lovers on your list, or yourself :P.  

SO we have a special ONE DAY code for you on one of Billie's personal favorite things, her DNA Test! Maybe Eevee's mom might consider getting one now that we have a nice code for you. 10% of your purchase (if you use the link below) goes back to Hello Doxie!

Use this link! CODE: DOGGONE

Billie Chose the: Breed & Health Kit

Breed + Health Kit

This provides:

  • 35+ Physical Traits
  • 210+ Genetic Health Risks
  • 350+ Breeds
  • Your Dog's Family Tree
  • Research Surveys
  • Mystery Relative Finder

Health test:

Billie sent her health test into her vet. Billie's health test, at a high level looks like this.

We knew that she ran a risk of IVDD. It was also nice for us to learn about some other things to watch out for. Based on the feedback on the ALT activity, we started feeding Billie differently. We also know she is losing her eyesight, good for us to consider dietary changes as needed.

Breed Result:

To be honest, we laughed pretty hard at the breed results. The reveal video was very... anticlimactic. However we were able to dive into some of the details of her lineage and this was very interesting!


This was interesting to learn more and to dig into, especially the information about coat. There is much more than this - I highly recommend getting this test just for the value this part brings.


Here's a snapshot of Billie's closest relatives. She is closely related to two dogs from Japan and one from Maryland as her top results. This is really fun and you can contact each other!

Use this link & CODE: DOGGONE to get yours today and 10% of your purchase goes back to Hello Doxie :)