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Hey there, nice to meet you.



I am in the process of obtaining my CPA designation, currently working in accounting to gain the rest of my work experience.

I have over 6 years of animal experience, ranging from working at an emergency veterinary clinic as a vet assistant to being a sales associate at a luxury dog boutique. I have done a fair amount of dogsitting and boarding over the years as well, and currently started to offer dachshund-only daycare in my home through my social club: Weenie Mom Club. In my spare time, I also run my own dog accessories company: Miss Dapple Dog Co.

I am the proud dog mom of 3 beautiful mini dachshunds. Mia is my first dachshund who came home in 2015 from Ontario to BC. She helped me get through a really rough time in my life and is my pride and joy. Patchie joined us in 2017, coming from a puppy mill in Korea to be sold at a Vancouver pet store. With her story, I helped advocate to end the sale of puppies in pet stores in Vancouver. Eevee is our newest family member, only joining our home this past September. She came from a puppy mill in Taiwan where she was used for breeding and she’s one of the reasons this rescue even exists.

My life dream (honestly since I could read) has always been to work in some capacity with dogs in my own business. I love that I’m finally able to combine my education in business with my experience in the pet world to do something I love: give back to rescue weenies.



I am a CPA, currently working in financial planning & analysis; however, I have been rescuing dogs for 2 years in some capacity. This year, I finally decided to branch out on my own to save weenie dogs.

My husband and I decided to adopt in 2018, and have been obsessed with weenies ever since. Prior to adopting, we were experienced dog owners. Billie is our world. She is super spoiled and loved and goes on a ton of adventures with us. In more ways than I can list, she has helped me get through 2020. I can’t remember life without Billie.

I am so excited to start this adventure and help find homes for dogs in need to be homed with other weenie enthusiasts. Thank you all for your support and excitement!