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About Us

Our Mission & Vision

Hello Doxie rescues and rehomes long dogs in need, worldwide.

Our adoptive families understand the special care needed for long dogs and are willing to provide the best environment for their rescue dog to succeed.

We want to live in a world where dogs are not surrendered for behavioural or physical limitations and every dog is given a chance at life.

Hello Doxie believes that all dogs are adoptable, no matter their story, and we are committed to matching long dogs with their perfect families.

Why long dogs?


Dachshunds are statistically one of the most re-homed animals from both adoptive families and those who have purchased them form a breeder. They are typically very hard to train, stubborn and require a lot of care and attention. Many families make the mistake of getting a dachshund without any prior research and soon find they have a little monster on their hands.

Our goal is to save doxies from various situations and re-home them with families who understand the standard of care required. All our homes go through vigorous vetting, background checks and interviews to ensure they are aware of wiener dog needs and will be their new dog's forever home.

We say "long dogs" because we also have expanded into mixes and corgis. We focus on any dog that requires special spinal care and attention due to their genetic predisposition to issues as a result of their body shape and size.

How can you help?

We are a 100% volunteer run not-for-profit, operating solely on donations, adoption fees and the proceeds of this shop! 

If you cant support us financially right now, that's totally okay. Please continue to helps us educate people about the importance of rescue. 

And finally, we will be accepting foster applications soon!