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Flight Volunteers

Add a dog to your ticket for FREE and save one life!


We are in urgent need of traveling companions to escort dogs to Vancouver (YVR) or Seattle (SEA) from the destinations below:

  • Taipei (TPE)/Taiwan
  • Seoul (ICN)/South Korea
  • Shanghai (PVG), Bejing (PEK)/China

Are you traveling from any of these destinations in the next 6-8 months? 

Please input your flight & contact info HERE

If you don't have all details yet, that's ok. Either us or our sister rescue organizations will be in touch with you.

There are no extra costs and no organizing involved:

  • The local shelter does all the planning and pays all extra fees associated with adding a piece of extra luggage (the dog crate) to your ticket.
  • Meet the shelter representative at the terminal at the normal check in time. They will assist with getting you and the dog checked in on your flight.
  • Once you have landed in Vancouver you collect the crate from the Oversize Luggage area and proceed to the agriculture area for a very quick paperwork inspection.
  • All additional fees associated with traveling with the dog are covered.

Billie pre-flight from Taiwan!

Flight Companion FAQ’s

You are saving a dog’s life! The biggest delay in getting dogs to their homes is due to a lack of Flight Volunteers.

How does it work?

Simple! The dog and crate are added as one piece of Oversize Luggage to your ticket.

Does being a Flight Volunteer cost me any money?

No. We pay all fees associated with being a Flight Volunteer.

Do I have to get to the airport earlier than normal?

No. Most airlines recommend being at the airport at least 3 hours ahead of time for an international flight and this is generally plenty of time to meet up with our Airport Coordinator and get the dog.

Do I have to declare anything?

YES! Make sure that you declare that you have a live animal with you! Tick “yes” to the customs question ‘Are you bringing in meats, animals or animal/wildlife products?’.

Once I get to Vancouver, do I have to wait longer for the dogs to be unloaded off the plane?

The dogs are generally unloaded before the luggage so there is not usually any extra wait for them. In other words, you will have your dog before you have your luggage.

How long does it take to get through Agriculture?

The Agriculture inspection can be as fast as 20 minutes but will take longer if there is a line up.

Are the dogs healthy enough to fly?

Yes. Dogs are not allowed to fly internationally unless they have been thoroughly checked by a vet and have a current vet certificate.

Are the dogs’ shots up to date?

Yes. Our dogs come with a passport that identifies the dog’s name, age and lists the shot history including the date the shot was given and what it was for.

Is it safe for the dogs to fly?

Yes. The dog will be in a locked crate and have enough water to last the duration of the flight.

Where do they put the dogs on the plane?

Unless it is a very small dog who can travel in the cabin with you, live animals are placed in a temperature-controlled, air-pressurized area of the plane.

What happens if there is a delay or interruption in my flight?

Airports have ground crews who look after any live animals on the flight. Don’t worry! The dog will be well looked after should there be a delay or interruption in your flight.

What happens if there is a delay at YVR?

You will be provided with the contact phone number for a representative of in Vancouver who will either be at the airport waiting for you and/or available to provide any assistance you may require. If you have any questions, just call!

What else can I do to help?

Ask your friends to become Flight Volunteers and promote becoming a Flight Volunteer on your social media! There is always something you can do to help! Contact us at for more info.

Provide us your information so we can pair you with a rescue dog on your next trip to Vancouver!