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Twelve Days of Weenmas: A Winter Weenieland

After our fall "Vanilla Bean Ween" candle sold out, we've been getting tons of inquiries as to whether we were doing a winter candle. Well, VOILA, here it is, our Winter Weenieland Candle. This is a special, limited edition candle with a Balsam & Fir scent.

Who DOESN'T love the smell of a crisp, fir candle burning this time of year. For us - this is a must. Bundled up in a cute weenie themed package is simply, a plus.

Our friend Liv Homewares, shares our live of weenies and also has a generous heart. She hand pours these for the love of weens and she sends us a portion of the profits from each sale. Her home décor is also VERY cool and locally made, by Liv herself!

There are only 30 available friends, so please get yours as soon as possible!! They will only be on sale until Sunday.


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